Go easy on those who feel sad for different

As the flames covered Notre-Dame de Paris, we are covered with sorrow and compassion. Video and photos of the blaze terrify and make us think. The pain of the soul has nothing in common with physical pain.

On the example of my childhood and the childhood of my son, I noticed that we are experiencing a similar spectrum of emotions with the same proportions in spite of various circumstances. Different things can induce happiness but happiness is the same.

Sometimes, it seems that my son has no reasons to be sad or to cry since there are no such reasons that I had. However, the tears didn’t disappear either.

The mood changes even in the flat atmosphere without external factors. Inevitably, like day and night. However the rhythmic is worked out less.

We saw live streams where people were praying next to the cathedral. Someone was also praying on this side of the screen. Since this a huge loss which impresses. It impresses us because we saw it. We are part of this tragedy since we were watching it online. We can’t help but feel sorrow.

Some Facebook friends fairly noticed that at the same time historical monuments are also being destroyed in Ukraine, but nobody cries for them. And in France itself, they are demolishing temples to build parking lots or rebuilding them for another purpose, and in this case, too, there are not enough prayers. But there can’t be fairness in the issue of tears and grief.

“They only thing remains – to hang oneself,” an old man said to his daughter who informed him of her relocation to another city. They lived separately and daughter stopped by rarely but at least the father knew that she was close. And if need, he could call and the daughter would be at his house in an hour. But here even this ephemeral closeness was gone.

His grief and pity for himself didn’t give a chance to his daughter. His grief is above all. But what could she feel? Who was sadder and who deserves for sympathy more? Who is worth sympathy in the first place and who is not? May someone receive too much sympathy? Is it better to sympathize with someone who is sympathized the least?

There is no important tragedy and a less important one. Woe is not measured by the number of injured or the distance.

The nature of sadness is irrational. At least for those who are sad.

A person can’t mourn all the time. Even in the hardest situations, if they are continuous, people start making jokes after a while.

When there are many tragedies that are constantly reported by the media, people unknowingly block their vulnerability. But from time to time there are cases when events in the same media have such resonance that burst this block.

Please, go easy on those who feel sad for different. Since we are still able to be touched. Be afraid of the time when the blocks of our sympathies would become thick as the skin of shameless. Then nobody would cry for anything.

Vasyl Karpiuk

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