The debates at the NSC “Olimpiyskiy” will be held on two stages on different sides of the stadium. This was announced by Volodymyr Zelensky’s constituency speaker Dmytro Razumkov on the talk show “Puls” on the 112 Ukraine Channel.

The debates at the “Olуmpiysky” will be held on two stages on different sides of the stadium.

According to Razumkov, there were meetings of working groups on the part of both presidential candidates.

“They are a little bit weird because our colleagues set off for consulting, then they return. The conclusion was reached that it would be impossible to put a scene on the lawn just because in a few days there would be a football match and we would just spoil the lawn. Therefore, it was decided to put the scene as it is usually done at concerts,” said Zelensky’s representative.

However, according to him, Poroshenko’s party decided that there would be two scenes.

“Then our opponents came back and said: we will put another scene on another side. What is the purpose of this, I do not know,” Razumkov said.

He also added that the issue of the presence of spectators at the stadium is being solved now.

“One more stumbling point is the presence of supporters at the stadium. 30 were proposed for 30. 30% are people who support Zelensky, 30% – who support Poroshenko, and 40% are people who either did not decide on their choice or support another candidate. I think this is fair,” Razumkov said.

However, he could not explain how exactly he would check the position of citizens.

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