Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

Recently, it was snowing, the temperature was jumping from +20 to frosts, and the Japanese etching-silhouette landscape was replaced by wonderful delicate green leaves, the grey earth lit up with forsythia shrubs and lilac hyacinths. And Palm Sunday is just around the corner.

I honestly don’t remember that on Palm Sunday or around this date, there was weather without a strong wind. And the end of the week this year, April 19-21, will be marked somewhere with strong, but somewhere with just gusty wind. Wind direction is expected northeast and north.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


The temperature of the air will gradually increase, during the day the temperature will fluctuate within +11 +16 degrees.

On Sunday, April 21, on the day of the Presidential Election, it is expected to be warm in the western part of Ukraine; +15 +19 degrees are expected to be the maximum. Nights in Ukraine will still remain cold, +3 +7 degrees, in the western part, 0-3 degrees below zero are possible when clearings.

On April 19 and 20, significant precipitation in Ukraine is unlikely; on April 21, an atmospheric front will result in periodic rains in the west and in the northern part of Ukraine.

Early next week, in most regions of Ukraine, the weather will be determined by atmospheric fronts, which will bring periodic rain. Precipitation will alternate with clearings and will stop on April 23. They will give place to anticyclone with dry sunny weather.

From Monday the air will warm up in Ukraine. During April 22-24, the maximum air temperature in most areas will range from about +12 +17 degrees to +15 +23 degrees. The nights will be also warmer, contributing to the growth of plants; it is expected +6 +12 degrees.

In Kyiv, the end of the week will be cold. The night temperature will be +2 +5 degrees, during the day the metropolitan environment will warm up a bit, up to +11 +14 degrees. Significant rainfall is unlikely, only on Sunday, April 21, cloudiness will increase and it will be drizzling.

Warming will start in Kyiv next week. The maximum air temperature will gradually increase from 16 degrees above zero to +20 +22 degrees. It will also be warmer at night, about +6 +11 degrees.

On Monday there will be rain in the capital in some places, in the future, there will be fewer clouds, more sun, the dry air mass will prevail.

Palm Sunday, the sun, spring Ukrainian beauty, light joyful heart, clean environment, calm parents, carefree youngsters and responsible adults, all is safe and sound, live and healthy, non-cynical and caring, with care for anyone, apart from oneself, love and sincere harmony are the main things now. Actually, as always. Especially on the eve of Easter.

Natalka Didenko

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