In contrast to her rival, she can’t show off with publicity, and in the event of a victory, she would like the man to remain in charge. What should you know about the potential First Lady Olena Zelenska – let’s find it out together with Opinion.

Що варто знати про потенційну першу леді Олену Зеленську*


Olena Kiyashko (the maiden name of the candidate’s wife – ED.) was born on February 16, 1978, in the city of Kryvyi Rih. Graduated from the construction department of Kryvyi Rih Technical University. Married to Volodymyr Zelensky since 2003. Together with her husband, they’re raising two children. The author and scriptwriter of Kvartal 95 studio.

Actually, we don’t know much about Olena Zelenska. During their marriage, as usual, she was staying in the shadow of the star-husband, she rarely spoke in public. Nonetheless, Olena (back then Kiyashko) was studying with her future husband at the same school, however, in parallel classes. The acquaintance of the future Zelensky family took place later when she was studying at the building faculty and Volodymyr in another higher educational institution was preparing to become a lawyer.

Despite her diploma with merits, the probable first lady has never worked according to her major. After meeting her husband, Olena went to his performances and rehearsals, later she began to invent sketches on her own. In a while, the woman became a full-fledged author of the texts and scriptwriter at Kvartal 95.

Zelenska initially perceived the decision of her husband to run for the presidency extremely negative. However, eventually, she put up with it, realizing that critique and damaged nerves only worsen the situation.

All this (Zelensky’s decision to run for the presidency, ED.) Came from the outside, some people were constantly sending this message. When people say to you about it for a long time, you start thinking of its realization. I was aggressively against the start of this project. Perhaps, they were trying to take care of me, and their earliest plans… they did not hide them but didn’t give me the full information. And when I was told that it would happen, I was already prepared to have little changes in my and family life. I can spoil the mood, do not support, put obstacles, but it’s not constructive… I try to keep myself, calm down. So far, it seems that I can do it,” said the wife of the candidate in one of the interviews.

However, Olena prefers not to think about the First Lady status yet. But if the husband wins, obviously, she will be guided by the same strategy as in the family: the main role will play Volodymyr, it is more convenient.

So far, I’ve taken time out in order not to think about it. I know this is a difficult role… In general, the First Lady does not have to take any main roles. This tandem should repeat what is happening in the family. We have the leader and I try to support him. When someone takes responsibility – it’s very convenient, so I try not to drag too much attention to myself,” admits Olena.

Despite some rumors and assumptions, Zelenska denies her participation in the Skuha Narody (Servant of the People) party. Moreover, she assures that she does not participate in the election campaign of Volodymyr: the maximum she can is to express her opinion during the dinner. In another interview Olena admits that the showman does not consult with her in everything, he rather “just voices his plans in order to hear how it would sound.” When the scriptwriter is asked whether she would edit her husband’s speech in case of his victory, she replies positively, but adds, “It’s a pity that you can not edit it right during a speech.

At the same time, it is interesting that, for example, the occasional appearance of Volodymyr Zelensky in front of journalists, in particular, is conditioned by… the position of his wife. She told about this in one of the few interviews, “I did not advise him to go to journalists. There have been a lot of appearances, someone is refused, but many are not. It’s just impossible to make it all.

As for Zelensky and Holoborodko, whom the showman plays in the TV series “Servant of the people”, Olena emphasizes – these are completely different people. “Holoborodko is not Zelensky definitely! Volodymyr is much more adapted to life than his character in the series. There are, of course, common features – honesty, decency.

According to the candidate’s declaration, published on the website of the Central Election Commission, Olena Zelenska owns 129.8 square meters of apartments in the village of Levada, which is in the Crimea. In the same settlement in the occupied Crimea, Zelenska has a parking space of 16.1 square meters.

Also, Olena is the owner of a third of non-residential premises with an area of 337.8 square meters in Kyiv and fully owns an apartment of 284 sq.m. in the capital of Ukraine. In 2017, Zelenska also received 50% of non-residential premises with an area of 305.9 square meters in the same city.

Among other things, Olena Zelenska can boast with Swiss watches by Вreguet and Piaget and jewelry by the British company Graff. Also in the declaration of potential First Lady, there is Mercedes-Benz S 500 2014.

In addition, the candidate’s wife owns securities and is one of the final beneficiaries of Kvartal 95 studio Ltd., Zeları Fish Ltd, Aldorante Limited (Cyprus), Film Heritage inc (Belize) and San Tommaso C.P. K. (Italy). Zelenska earns about 150 000 thousand UAH per month.

By Dmytro Zhuravel