On Thursday Ukrainian eurobonds felt down after news about the decision to recognize the illegal nationalization of PrivatBank and the introduction of new trade sanctions by Russia.

As it was noted, the fall of Eurobonds-2027 reached their maximum since February this year, resulting in their profitability increase by 0.24 percentage points (pp) – up to 8.6% per annum.

Quotations of Eurobonds with maturity in 2023-2026 years and in 2032 decreased by 1-1,3%, and their profitability increased by 0,18-0,29 pp. – up to 8.2-8.55% per annum.

Papers with maturity in 2021 were sifted at a price of 0.6%, and in 2022 – by 0.83%, which led to an increase in their current profitability by 0.28 pp. – in accordance with 7.65% and almost up to 8% per annum.

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