The week that passes as if struck the Newsline with a flamethrower: Notre-Dame is on fire, where the crown of Christ is kept, the judicial branch of Ukraine smoulders in the avalanche of revanchist decisions and the war for Privatbank is flaring up again. And that’s all a few days before the second round of the presidential election. Would there be a firefighter in the country who would quench this flame, or, on the contrary, will it add some more gasoline? To find an answer we analyzed the key events in the traditional Digest from Opinion.

Тиждень у призмі: треш у судах, війна за «ПриватБанк» і нова торгівельна війна з РФ у фотографіях згорілого Норт-Даму

For visual guidance, we have chosen the photos of the burnt Notre-Dame in the midst of Paris. This temple is more than 850 years old, and it embodies the entire Catholic culture and history of France: the kings and Napoleon were crowned there. It was there where the liberation of the country from the German occupation was announced. It’s not just stones – it’s a monument to the struggle of Parisians for their rights. This is the first example in history when the community headed by the young genius Hugo protected the monument from the destruction of corrupted businessmen-politicians. That is why Notre-Dame is so important for world culture. That is why the pictures of ashes hurt us so much.

Тиждень у призмі: треш у судах, війна за «ПриватБанк» і нова торгівельна війна з РФ у фотографіях згорілого Норт-Даму

Nationalization of Privatbank was recognized illegal by the court. The District Administrative Court of Kyiv satisfied Ihor Kolomoisky’s claim to the National Bank and the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the nationalization of Privatbank.

According to judges, the procedure of Privatbank withdrawal from the market violated the norms of the current legislation.

The National Bank is already preparing an appeal against the decision of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv, and President Petro Poroshenko mentioned the threat of default. He said this during an urgent appeal to the Ukrainians on Thursday.

According to him, Volodymyr Zelensky’s program doesn’t say a word about the European Union, that is why Moscow is allegedly campaigning for him, and the runaway oligarchs have already packed their suitcases for returning to Ukraine.

“Such a venture threatens tens of millions of clients with big money losses, and the country as a whole with the default and a new economic crisis, so the government has the right to challenge this decision,” he said.

The headquarters of Zelensky reacted instantly. “Judicial reform named after Poroshenko is in action. Instead of defending the interests of the state, the NBU loses the Privatbank case. One question: who is Kolomoisky’s puppet in the end?” Zelensky’s team wrote.

In one of the press conferences, President Petro Poroshenko asked whether his opponent in the second round of the presidential elections was “Kolomoisky’s puppet”.

When in 2016 the bank became state property, the state spent over UAH 155,000,000 of our taxes and fees on its capital nationalization. Shall we pay again in the new war for Privatbank?

Тиждень у призмі: треш у судах, війна за «ПриватБанк» і нова торгівельна війна з РФ у фотографіях згорілого Норт-Даму

But while the “fighting” for the voters on television and on the Internet is still on, in real life opponents can’t come together in a rhetorical battle. Presidential candidate Volodymyr Zelensky doesn’t plan to participate in the debate in Suspilne television studio, as required by law. The showman will debate with the incumbent President Petro Poroshenko only at the NSC “Olimpiysky”.

Even though the Central Election Commission has even delayed the debate between presidential candidates Petro Poroshenko and Volodymyr Zelensky on Suspilne channel from 20:00 to 21:00 on Friday, April 19.

It seems that Poroshenko will again be alone on TV, and he wouldn’t mind using the hour of airtime to the fullest. But the main attention of Ukrainians, nevertheless, is geared to the show at the NSC “Olimpiysky”.

In the team of Volodymyr Zelensky, they said that due to the large number of people who want to book tickets to his debate with Petro Poroshenko, there are interruptions in the work of the ticket service.

Meanwhile, Poroshenko’s team suggests increasing the time for debate and placing supporters of two presidential candidates in different sectors of the stadium for security reasons.

According to preliminary data (the headquarters are silent about the details of the debate), there will be two scenes – each of them is decorated in the colours of the candidate, there will be a border between supporters Zelensky and Poroshenko, and they will last only an hour. Is half an hour enough to sort the things out? Let’s see.

Тиждень у призмі: треш у судах, війна за «ПриватБанк» і нова торгівельна війна з РФ у фотографіях згорілого Норт-Даму

Zelensky still is a “dark horse”. He doesn’t communicate with the press, and the headquarters answer the inconvenient questions. The only thing known for sure is that he can keep his word. At least, he kept his promise and gave an interview to the RBC-Ukraine news channel after losing table tennis match to the journalist Vlad Krasynsky. The match took place at the headquarters of “Ze” after the announcement of the results of the exit polls of the first round.

Here is a brief summary of the interview with Volodymyr Zelensky:

1. “The government should not interfere in cultural life and the media” – it’s about language, the prohibition of social networks and closed borders for the Kremlin artists.

2. “At any time, people should put the question to an official via phone” – this is about the openness of power to people. Surprisingly, this interview is the second big one (after 1+1) for media for the entire presidential campaign.

3. “We will think about the dissolution of Parliament” – about the political crisis. “I will not break the law, I will not violate the law. If we have time within six months before the next election, when we have the right to dissolve the parliament… It benefits us.” Everything is clear here – there are already thoughts about the future of the party “Sluha Narodu”.

4. “I haven’t flown to Kolomoisky during a political period” – he denies a connection with the oligarch, who now lives either in Switzerland or in Israel.

5. “Donbas should not have a special status.” For Zelensky, Putin is an enemy, but he will not sign an amnesty for militants.

To believe these words or not is the business of every reader. But it is better to believe deeds. And the past of Zelensky, it seems, has been already dismantled upside down.

Тиждень у призмі: треш у судах, війна за «ПриватБанк» і нова торгівельна війна з РФ у фотографіях згорілого Норт-Даму

Speaking of deeds. This week, the judicial branch of the government of Ukraine went mad. And this is not counting Privatbank case. On April 16, Nadia Savchenko, a suspect in the organization of the terrorist attack, and another person involved in the case – Volodymyr Ruban – were released from custody.

According to Vira Savchenko, Nadia was released because her arrest expired on April 16, and the court didn’t extend the term of the preventive measure.

Savchenko herself, commenting on her release, said that she “will fight for Ukraine.” She also announced that she would start her work in the next plenary week in the hall of the Verkhovna Rada and go with her party to the next parliamentary elections.

Go further. To the bottom.

Vladyslav Manger keeps on working as a head of Kherson Regional Council – the court’s verdict. He is suspected of assassination of public activist Kateryna Handziuk.

Among the arguments of the prosecutor’s office that some deputies of the regional council were not questioned as witnesses, Manger, in the prosecutor’s opinion, can influence the deputies. In addition, the prosecutor recalled that after one of the meetings, the lawyer of the victim, Viktor Handziuk, Yevhenia Zakrevska, told about spying. She applied to the authorities.

Instead, the attorneys added statements from the deputies of the Kherson Regional Council, in which they allegedly were “outraged” by the actions of the prosecutor’s office and Manger’s suspicion.

Recall, Manger didn’t appear at 5 trials regarding his suspension. At first, lawyers said that Manger should wear an ankle monitor so he didn’t appear in court.

But there is no end in Ouroboros of the judge’s arbitrariness. In the evening of April 17, the judge of the Shevchenkivsky District Court of Kyiv, Oksana Holub, withdrew the arrest of accounts at the All-Ukrainian Development Bank.

The bank accounts arrested 1.2 billion hryvnias. Just overnight, the Shevchenkivsky District Court of Kyiv on April 18 decided to refuse to withdraw the accounts opened at the All-Ukrainian Development Bank, which belonged to Viktor Yanukovych Jr.

In February 2018, the court withdrew the arrest from accounts of companies associated with the son of an ex-president: they accounted for almost 550 million hryvnias and more than 27 million dollars.

This money was arrested in a case involving the seizure of state funds through the regional branches of Ukrzaliznytsia. Later, it became known that almost 2 billion hryvnias, which were on the deposits of proxies in the bank of the son of the ex-president, were withdrawn through the bank of Poroshenko. That’s what happens when the lustration and reform of the judiciary system are deliberately ignored in a post-revolutionary country. Revenge.

Will the next president be able to tackle these issues? Ponder over the answers to this question. And go to the polling station. Ukraine is above all.

Kostyantyn Rul

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