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She is a wife of the president that has five years of experience and now has a chance to have his “second term”. Nevertheless, she doesn’t like the word combination “First Lady”, because it is associated with some kind of separation. What should you know about Maryna Poroshenko – let’s find it out together with Opinion.


Maryna Perevedentseva (maiden name of the candidate’s wife – ED.) was born on February 1, 1962, in Kyiv. Candidate of Medical Sciences, author of the first dissertation in Independent Ukraine. After graduating from the University she worked as a cardiologist. In 2007 she received another degree – an art expert. Now, the wife of the incumbent president holds the position of chairman of the council of her husband’s charity fund, since January 19, last year, she has been appointed as a chairwoman of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Unlike her rival, Maryna Poroshenko is more than a public person. Well, she got used to the overwhelming attention long before she got the status of the First Lady: the father of the future wife of Poroshenko, Anatolii Perevedentsev, held the post of Deputy Minister of Health of the Ukrainian SSR.

Maryna met her future husband during her studies at the student disco. At that time, Petro Poroshenko was a student – he was studying at the Kyiv National Shevchenko University. The First Lady herself mentions acquaintance in rather warm colors: “Definitely it was love at first sight.” A couple has been married for 35 years, today Poroshenko’s brings up four children.

Upon finding out her husband’s decision to run for the presidency in 2014, she was one of the first to support him. Subsequently, three years after the elections, she talked about how Poroshenko had changed for that time.

We all change, it’s normal. And he had changed. I can say that he became more patient and wise. He is a wise person in general, but many things he became treating not temporarily. Not the way the first reaction demands. He sees much further forward. Sometimes we all react very emotionally if we don’t like something… He was the same, but now he looks at all this carefully. He takes a punch, can concentrate, doesn’t give over to emotions, evaluates the situation. Sometimes I can’t hold myself, but he just explains everything” said the First Lady in a conversation with Yanina Sokolova.

One day she said that she does not like the word combination “First Lady” as it carries the isolation and separation: “First – it means alone, aside. I am ready to help my husband – this is the most important thing. I’m ready to roll up the sleeves stand with my husband side by side and handle all those questions that will arise every day.

Outside the family, Maryna Poroshenko not only serves as the wife of the president, but she is also quite interested in inclusive education, presents her own programs, opens new institutions, and tries to reform this sphere. And, as her husband admits, she speaks about it from dusk till dawn.

Three and a half years ago, we knew nothing about inclusion. I also did not know a thing. And then the First Lady, that is my wife, decided to take it up. And I have been going to bed and leaving it with this inclusion for three and a half years,” said Petro Poroshenko.

According to the candidate’s declaration, published on the website of the Central Election Commission, Maryna Poroshenko and their eldest son own 80.66 square meters apartment in Kyiv. Also in full ownership of the First Lady, there is a land plot of 1900 square meters in the Kyiv region and a cottage house that’s 344 square meters in the same locality.

Among other things, the president’s wife can boast with Hublot watch, French jewelry Cartier and Dior, jewelry brands Carrera y Carrera and handbags by Dior, Fendi, and Chanel. The first lady also has her own car: Jaguar XF 2008. On bank accounts, the guarantor’s spouse has 96,156 UAH and around 4300 EUR.

By Dmytro Zhuravel

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