Cinema tinged with silent sadness

Presentation of our “Oscar Awards” – Zolota Dzyga – somehow unnoticeably sneaked past society. First, it’s difficult for the cultural-artistic event to compete with such versatilities of the political theatre. Since the very presentation of awards coincided with the debates at the Olimpic Stadium. And people found the future more interesting than who and for what was awarded in the Ukrainian film industry.

But I did watch. Perhaps, it was a sissy decision – not to get on my last nerve by watching debates or, maybe, just a desire to remember, to capture in mind a sense of pride for my country, for our artists, for people who for just five years made a breakthrough from non-existence to creation of cinema industry. Our cinema.

Кіно із присмаком тихого смутку

Since during only these years, Cinema Agency received 80 films for consideration – feature films, short films, documentary films, game and animated films. What is it about? I think, first and foremost, it shows that nowadays, there is a request in society for Ukrainian, Ukrainian-language product and the state itself is keen on motivating and supporting this request. Of course, it’s too early to speak about the success of our cinema in the world context. But first steps, confident steps have been already made. Ukraine has just started speaking the language of the world cinema industry, understanding its processes. In summer, at the Odesa Film Festival, young actors went to master classes of famous foreign professionals to understand all these world processes in order to enter them. And, given what the foreign professionals said, they are interested in our cinema market, they are interested in our actors and directors. It follows thence, Ukraine can claim not only the import of cinema but also export. Probably…

Probably, it’s more appropriate to say “it could”…

Кіно із присмаком тихого смутку

I remember the speeches and faces of artists from the last year ceremony – how much rise, even pathos, belief in oneself, faith in the future of the industry, wishes to grow, to develop, to go forward have been there. This year, virtually all wishes in speeches could have been lined with one message: “Dear Lord, let us keep at least what we already have and let us keep together”… Actors and directors, as earlier, were talented and beautiful, but for their looks… they talked about confusion, uncertainty, lack of understanding of tomorrow’s cinema.

Кіно із присмаком тихого смутку

Of course, even if with the change of authorities, the changes would touch the cinema industry, it would happen not on the spot. The projects which were financed last year on the contests of the State Film Agency and the Ministry of Culture will be filming. Of course, running processes will automatically generate a certain number of projects, but will the development happen? What it will look like? Where Ukrainian cinema and Ukrainian culture will go – nobody knows…

Кіно із присмаком тихого смутку

That’s why when all are watching the debates, I am trying to forever capture in mind the faces and words of Viacheslav Dovzhenko and Viktor Zhdanov, Irma Vitovska, Olesia Zhurakovska and Nina Naboka. All those who presented the statuettes and those who received them. It’s important for me, personally for me, to remember forever these days and these moments, their words and their faces. I don’t know what tomorrow will look like, I don’t know what will happen to the cinema… I am only grateful that during these years, I found out so many names, saw so many films that add incredible weight to my “I am Ukrainian”!

Tatusya Bo

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