Wednesday, 28 October

In the area of the Joint Forces Operation, no violations were recorded. This was reported by Lyudmyla Denisova, ombudswoman of the Verkhovna Rada for Human Rights.

In general, 13 out of the 80 special polling stations in the area of JFO were monitored for the observance of the electoral rights of citizens during the elections. However, despite the absence of violations, soldiers had a request for the ombudswoman. Defenders ask to make changes to the legislation and allow them to vote with identity cards, not passports since many of them don’t have passports, therefore – presence in the zone of JFO deprives the military of their voting rights.

“We have monitored for the first time the observance of the rights of military personnel at special polling stations in the area of the Joint Forces Operation. Claims and complaints of violations of the right to vote have not been provided. But there is a request from servicemen and we will definitely react when we sum up,” Denisova said.

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