At the Presidential Administration, Ukrainians came to thank the incumbent head of state for five years. Soon, the chair of the president will be taken by Volodymyr Zelensky.

Petro Poroshenko left the administration of president with his wife, the first lady Maryna Poroshenko, to meet several thousand people who chanted to him: “Thank you”.

“Dear Ukrainians, all those who came now to Bankova Street, thank you. Ukrainians bid farewells differently to the presidents: in 2004 during our Orange Revolution, in 2014 during the Revolution of Dignity, but such as now Ukraine has not yet seen. It has become possible thanks to you,” the President said.

“Churchill said that victory is a road from defeat to defeat, which doesn’t suit us. We will move from victory through defeat and to a new victory,” Poroshenko added.

The incumbent president assured that there are currently unions for the victory in the near future.

“Together, we are going to win the parliamentary elections. Together, we will return to Bankova Street after the next presidential election,” the politician said.

In response to these words, people began to chant: “In a year,” on which Poroshenko, paraphrasing the statement that turned into a meme, replied: “In a year, so let it be in a year.”

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