The effect of banana skin: why filter your activity on the Internet

I was in love a year ago. You know, such a blind feeling when minor misunderstandings in the communication you explain by hardships of translation because he is a foreigner, and slightly weird behavior – by the difference in cultural environments. Plus, the difference in religions and the influence of patriarchates. One can defend the object of affection referring to the lapses in the Druid horoscope and Mercury retrograde. And so on to infinity. And then the object of affection suddenly posts the link on Facebook: “If you rub banana skin in the face on a young moon, then you can get younger by…” And here your love, slipping on banana skin, faces the puddle of one’s own illusions.

Our business owners, CEOs and chiefs also don’t filter their activity on the Internet too much. There’s no layer of press-secretaries and honed press-releases among them, that’s why they write carefully keeping to the will of Peter the Great “speak your own words so that the foolishness of everybody is seen”.

Behind these posts, a person can be learned, declared and true values of the company can be compared. And to destroy forever that perfect image which had been talentedly created by well-paid PR managers. Since the Internet-users are humble people, they would click behind the collar without extra ceremonials and for free. “Educative situation”, scroll down.

For example, one business owner in the food industry can’t realize what these people lack. Do they earn some money? Yes, they do. So why do they stand under the second-hand stores? What a misery, a shame for Kyiv. He is daily taken to work past these stores yet they are all standing. Can’t you buy the trousers on the market? Did they close The Seventh-Kilometer Market? Did they cancel the train communication with Khmelnytsky? Did Chinese seamstresses abandon the work in the cellars of Tianxia? “Did you try to work?” he stubs with an argument.

Well, we did try. My ex-colleague has a rocketing career – from journalism to IT. He chose a simple and interesting root, he can work from any spot in the world and he winters only in Thailand. He has a good salary and opportunities, comfortable ripped jeans while his biggest expense is electronic books. He has been noticed in all domestic campaigns concerning the environment and saving the planet and somehow he paid for an Asian startup which aimed to save a rare bug population. And yes, he dresses in second-hand stores because he had driven completely mad on a consumption basis and believes this is nearly the biggest achievement in his life. But the owner of a business isn’t interested in comments on such a topic. He is already writing on the sorting of waste, what a good boy.

Or another, known for his boundless love for Ukraine, an entrepreneur. In narrow circles, though. More precisely – on Facebook. Because when it is not about the hanging of yellow-and-blue and ideologically true things but about his own business, he is running it exclusively by the language of neighbours and according to the neighbours’ rules. I don’t mind any languages but people bring you money for the declared, overpay but don’t receive the desired. They bear the grudge on the Internet but you only shrug: “It’s Just Business” and block dozens of unsatisfied ones.

And when you wave the flag and promote the country far abroad, the girls in your hospitable office are waiting for salaries for months. And this is also about the love for Ukraine, isn’t it? And here – like the situation with panties and a cross. Either be proud of or don’t declare.

However, I realize that it’s hard not to declare if the Internet-surfers, your sister, your mother and other flunkeys from your circle had already winded up the like-generators. And now you, as if on an artificially inflated boat of your own competence, rise up to the level of the most genuine leaders of thoughts. And from there, it’s even easier to love Ukraine.

There is one lawyer on my feed, a respectable and competent man – has his own company, soft-skills, emotional intelligence and all the modern advantages. At least, he says so. And there’s the postscript about the most important value of his team – human resource. And he daily underlines this in all of his posts. And only March 8th looms on the horizon – he already smiles from the photo with tulips and mimosas to all women of his company. Another time, there is a farmers’ day, and he is already standing with the sunflowers in the field in a crocheted shirt, congratulating.

“Haven’t you tried to eat less? Sports is missing you,” I read his remarks under the post of a newly born singer. There is an X-size girl in the photo but basically – simply a girl. His comment is immediately liked by dozens of angry smiles, especially from women. And a few comments of support, from the same nonentities.

He tried to write an explanatory post about how important it is for a woman to look after herself and that a girl should look pretty. Then friends came and reminded him once again about his sagging belly, about body shaming about what to whom and how, and where he should go with his “emotional intelligence”. He was made, after all, to dirty-delete that post.

It’s possible to endlessly clean the comments on your page and even to hire specially trained people for this. But someone will come and write again that there is nothing more disgusting than when you are doing business and at the same time retreating from your declared values. Only a desired man who rubs banana skin into his face on a new moon not to grow old looks more miserable.

Olga Gembik

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