Wednesday, 21 October

Lawyer Vitalii Serdyuk said that the run-away president Viktor Yanukovych, is going to return to Ukraine after Petro Poroshenko leaves the presidential post. 

According to the defender, Yanukovych has an intention to return and the lawyers have been working on it not the first year.

“On the territory of the Russian Federation, Yanukovych stays temporarily and forcibly, and the defense does everything to restore his rights and prove that the charges were of a political rather than a legal nature,” Serdyuk said.

He noted that after the change of power in Kyiv, there is a chance that the process against Yanukovych will no longer be politicized. Also, the lawyer added that the defense will defend the rights of Yanukovych, regardless of what position on this issue will hold the elected president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

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