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May debuted in Ukraine with a cyclone, which brought heavy rain, cold wind, low temperature, and already forgotten grey clouds. Ukrainians celebrated Easter in the midst of warmth and sumptuous spring colour and then immediately have plunged into long rainy spells.

Even though the plans of many were disturbed by cold and rain, yet a huge plus of this uncomfortable weather change ‒ many lawns and flowers happily escaped the sad fate of being buried in litter and trampled by cheerful holidaymakers with their barbecue and bottles. Nature once again demonstrates its wisdom.

What is coming soon in Ukraine? The cyclone will leave the territory of Ukraine, but the remnants, “tails” of the atmospheric fronts will continue to determine mainly wet weather in Ukraine. It will be raining periodically, sometimes with thunderstorms.

Since the nature of the processes is closer to the summer, the rains won’t last long, alternating with clearings. The rains are likely to affect the western regions, the north and much of the central regions. South and east of Ukraine will receive more breaks in the clouds.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


On a remembrance day, May 5, rain is expected in the west, north, in Vinnytsya and Odesa. In the rest of Ukraine, significant precipitation is unlikely.

The air temperature will rise by the end of the week and during the day will keep to +12 +18 degrees, in the southern part and in the east to +17 +23 degrees.

Next week, during May 6-8, another portion of a cold snap is assumed in Ukraine, the air temperature will drop to +10 +15 degrees, only in the south it will be 2-4 degrees warmer.

Rainy spells with periodic patches of sunshine will dominate. In Kyiv, the second half of this week will be marked by drizzling.

The temperature already during May 3-5 will rise and reach +15 +19 degrees.

From Monday, May 6, it will become colder in the capital again; the maximum daytime temperature will be +10 +13 degrees. Starting from May 9, it will become warm again, 18-23 degrees above zero.

Such weather with fluctuations in atmospheric pressure and air temperature can spin the heads around and affect the vascular system, so it’s time to take care of your health.

May comes with real spring wealth ‒ heavy rain, wonderful moderate warmth, fantastic bloom and colours. Nature does everything best for us. Our task is to preserve it and to care about it.

Natalka Didenko

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