As a result of the crash of the Superjet-100 aircraft that landed at the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, 41 people were killed, including one crew member.

In addition, it is reported that emergency rescue at the site of the tragedy at the airport is completed.

At present, the cause of the craft’s accident is not officially known: the fire might have caused a lightning strike in the airliner.

There were 78 people on the plane, travelling from Moscow airport. The Sukhoi Superjet-100 craft is owned by Aeroflot Airlines.

The plane made an emergency landing at around 19:00 local time, the fire was extinguished in about 15 minutes. At first, six victims were reported, later – about 10.

The Russian Investigation Committee informed that a criminal case was initiated on the fact of the incident that violated the rules of safety of traffic and operation of air transport, which resulted in the death of two or more persons by negligence.

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