Citizens of Ukraine who live in the occupied territory of the Donbas and will receive passports of the Russian Federation are going to be deprived of Ukrainian pensions and social payments. This was announced by the Minister for Veterans Affairs Iryna Friz on Facebook.

“The processing of the proposal on the adding of citizens who have received passports of the Russian Federation in a manner that violates international law and threatens the sovereignty of our state to a database with the further deprivation of their beneficiary status as for receiving social benefits or pensions from Ukraine,” Friz said.

She reminded that the government passed a decision on the invalidation of passports issued by the authorized bodies of the Russian Federation after April 28, 2019.

In his turn, the Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories and Displaced Persons Vadym Chernysh said that Ukraine is preparing a list of officials of the Russian Federation involved in the issuance of Russian passports in the Donbas for the imposition of sanctions.

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