The European Union does not plan to introduce new sanctions against the RF due to the Russian decision to issue Russian passports in the Donbas. In particular, the head of the Czech Foreign Ministry, Tomas Petršicek, said that the EU knows about the decision of the Russian Federation, but does not plan to press Moscow through it.

“Now we are more committed to finding a dialogue, not pressure, as the Russian Federation itself does,” he said.

The Romanian minister Theodore Meleschanu has also confirmed the position of Europeans. He assured journalists that new sanctions against Russia were not needed either by Ukrainians. “This will create problems for Ukraine itself,” he said, without clarifying the very problems.

It should be noted that Ukraine’s position is different, Kyiv has urged the EU to intensify its pressure on the Russian Federation. Part of the EU member states, which are usually counted as Ukraine’s friends in the European Union, advocate for increased sanctions.

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