The Ministry of Health has lifted the age limits for free measles vaccination. Now adults of any age can be vaccinated with measles, mumps and rubella vaccines at the expense of the state budget and, if necessary, infants under 6 months, is written on the website of the Ministry of Health.

Appropriate changes have already come into force, but free drugs for age groups that had to buy them earlier will be available only starting from summer. Still, only people under the age of 30 who were in contact with the sick and people from professional risk groups (physicians, educators, military personnel, students) could still be vaccinated free of charge among the adults.

Vaccination is now guaranteed to all adults who:

  • have been in contact with the patients (vaccination is recommended for 72 hours);
  • don’t have measles and have no confirmed data on vaccination in a medical card;
  • based on the results of the tests for the presence of IgG antibodies, in case they do not have measles immunity.

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