The Presidential Administration states that the president Petro Poroshenko did not award the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise to the Director of the Dnipropetrovsk Plant Serhii Taranenko, whom NABU suspects of embezzlement of Ukrzaliznytsia’s 93 million hryvnyas. Andriy Zhyhulin, the head of the press-service of the president’s administration told to Ukrainska Pravda. 

“The announcement of rewarding this person is an error. The site got an erroneous version of the decree due to a technical failure and a mistake by President’s Administration representatives,” he said. According to Zhyhulin, “documentalists from the President’s Administration received the wrong draft.” “This is a technical mistake by the administration officials who prepared the document. There is no such person in the correct decree,” Zhyhulin assures.

He also explained that the Taranenko didn’t receive the order, it was not even prepared. “No, the decree is just a statement that the order is given, simply paperwork. Then there are various occasions for their presentation. That is there is no physical order. Only on the basis of the correct decree, which is transferred to the department of awards, a certificate and the very order are issued,” summed up the representative of the AP.

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