Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the Rules of Procedure Pavlo Pynzenyk stated that the committee will consider draft resolutions on the appointment of the date of the inauguration of the newly elected president at a meeting on Wednesday, May 15, and not on Tuesday, as planned.

According to him, he will invite members of the committee to hold a regular meeting on May 15.
“Until then, I hope we will receive the last two regulations that are registered. I hope that tomorrow they will be the last, and we will be able to consider them all and give a conclusion,” he said. Pynzenyk noted that the regulating committee is considering bills and draft resolutions on their compliance with the requirements of the regulations during their registration. He further specified that the committee can not recommend the parliament to support any draft regulations.

It is reported that the committee meeting on Wednesday, May 15, is scheduled for the second half of the day, therefore, the Verkhovna Rada will be able to consider these draft resolutions no earlier than Thursday, May 16.

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