Within the framework of the Decode Experiential Contemporary Art project on the Times Square, the video installation of Ukrainian Oleg Pashkovsky has been shown. The show will continue until the end of May 2019.

“I use mathematical functions to control the pixels on the screen. Thanks to them, they move, create patterns, image and animation,” Pashkovsky told.

He explained that the sketch, which is shown on the screen of the main square of New York, was made using software code and mathematical formula.

According to Pashkovsky, it took only 20 minutes to create exactly this form and write the program code. However, they were preceded by three months of research and work on another project that inspired the creation of such an installation.

The Times Square screen shows only a fragment of the video, although the code that creates the visual string can also be played in real time. For example, in a computer’s browser, and also respond to music.

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