The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine will be held on May 24, and it will discuss the conflict in the church.

“Yes, we are planning to hold a meeting of the Holy Synod on May 24,” the pastor of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Epiphanius said.

According to Epiphanius, the Synod will generally discuss the general state of affairs in the church, as well as the conflict between the head of the OCU and the Honorary Patriarch Filaret.

“Of course, if we are guided collectively, then, according to the Holy Synod, different issues will be considered, and certain decisions concerning our unity will be made, for I, as the presiding officer, and the Holy Synod are called upon to do everything to ensure that the church is dominated by unity and Peace: We will not do anything that destroys our unity,” Epiphanius said.

He also added that the Synod is not planning to consider changes to the statute, or outing Filaret, as the Patriarch himself said.

“On the contrary, as a presiding judge, I defended Patriarch Filaret. I myself upheld the fact of leaving the city of Kyiv to him and all that he is managing now. Therefore, the talk about ousting him is a blatant lie,” Epiphanius said.

He recalled that according to the terms of the new Charter, one or another bishop is elected for life.

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