Government advertising about the leadership of Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman, in 2019 cost 35.94 million hryvnias of taxpayers. This is reported by the public movement “CHESNO”.

It is noted that in the spring the government launched the slogan “Ukraine – it’s not just a place on the map”, which is promoted by the state.

“The first is the use of administrative resources, the second is bypassing the transparent rules of financing of the activities of politicians,” the activists said.

Thus, according to the tender announcement on the Prozorro website, in 2019, the printing costs of The Uriadovyi Kurier newspaper will reach 19.5 million hryvnias.

According to the Public Movement, this is 5 million more than last year.

In particular, in the special issue “Government news”, there is “Groisman government” promo which is also printed for some money from the state budget (where they talk about reforms, decentralization, etc.).

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