Narodnyi front faction leaves the parliamentary coalition on May, 17. There are 30 days for the formation of a new one. This was announced from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada by the head of the faction Maksym Burbak.

According to him, new circumstances demand maximum consolidation of powers. New president, a new parliament, a new coalition.

He mentioned that the old coalition has fulfilled its mission, and for the last five years this parliament and authorities have made more changes than the years before. So today, there is a necessity of applying all the forces of state-forming and newly elected president for the formation of a successful country. “According to the constitution, the parliament forms a new coalition, therefore the parliament works until regular elections, that is October 27, 2019. The government and prime minister work until the election of a new parliament,” stated Burbak, adding that he had sent the corresponding declaration to the parliament’s chairman Andriy Parubiy.

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