This week Ukraine has finally recovered from the May holidays and gladly dived into big and dirty politics. Ihor Kolomoisky came back to Ukraine, the deputies found the strength to meet in the Verkhovna Rada after picnics to vote for the date of the inauguration and Svyatoslav Vakarchuk is entering politics. However, in his case, it wasn’t done without failures. In details about the important – in traditional Digest from Opinion.

Тиждень у призмі: камбек Коломойського, війна Філарета та похід Вакарчука у політику у світових фото

Sir Elton John at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival

The pictures of this week were chosen for visual guidance of this text. Now the world is watching Cannes Film Festival and Eurovision in which Ukraine doesn’t take part after Russian tours of MARUV when the others are absolutely stricken by abortion ban (even after rape) in Alabama, the USA.

Тиждень у призмі: камбек Коломойського, війна Філарета та похід Вакарчука у політику у світових фото

The student at the graduation ceremony put on a cap with the Tramp pre-election slogan, Free University of Leesburg, Virginia

Inauguration of the President-elect Volodymyr Zelensky will be held on May, 20.

The corresponding draft resolution of Vitaliy Kupriy at a meeting on May 16 was supported by 315 people’s deputies, although, in general, they considered several proposals: from May 17 to 28.

“We decided on holding a ceremonial meeting in the Verkhovna Rada, dedicated to taking the oath of allegiance to the people of Ukraine by the President-elect Volodymyr Zelensky on May 20 at 10 in the morning,” the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy said.

In Zelensky’s headquarters, the date was criticised (even though they wanted the date of May 19 – on the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions) and said that by this decision the deputies get back at Ukrainian people.

“The part of the people’s deputies decided to choose any path in order not to support the president of the country (Zelensky) and those people of Ukraine who supported him in the elections,” he said.

Apart from that, Razumkov believes that Parliament created a huge discomfort for the citizens of Kyiv, appointing the inauguration not on the weekend but on the first working day. He is convinced that the invited international delegation would be much comfortable to adjust to the weekend and to tailor its schedules.

For better or worse, Zelensky has two days to learn his first presidential speech and not to let jargon into his language. Will he cope with it?

Тиждень у призмі: камбек Коломойського, війна Філарета та похід Вакарчука у політику у світових фото

Prince Charles entertains the audience at a party at Buckingham Palace

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk also woke up from the political dream. The frontman of the rock band “Okean Elzy” announced his intention to go to the parliamentary election-2019 at the leadership of the newly-created party “Golos. The party of real changes”. According to Vakarchuk, his mission is to preserve the pro-West course of Ukraine but at the same time to change the old and corrupted political system. Sounds fresh, nothing to add.

Perhaps, because of these amorphous statements, or because Vakarchuk simply “overheated” the audience, a little more than 200 people came to the presentation of his party. Organizers of event expected for 2-3 thousand, judging by the large and open location of the Starokyivska Mountain. A stitch in time saves nine.

On the Starokyivska Mountain, the frontman of “Okean Elzy” announced the most important thesis of his party program.

– Ukrainian citizens’ interest – above all.

– Existential choice of Ukraine – Europe.

– The law – one for all.

– Free economics – without oligarchs.

– Oligarchs – no longer control the media of Ukraine.

– The authorities – subject to Ukrainian citizens.

– The deputies can’t have the possibility of enriching: they must leave the parliament with the same fortunes with which they entered it.

Vakarchuk offered nothing new (even the face) to the masses. But the word is out that in the headquarters of the incumbent president Petro Poroshenko they got tensed: they think that the electorate of “Solidarity” party in western Ukraine will easily go to Vakarchuk. Well, we can thank Vakarchuk at least for the lively political competition.

Тиждень у призмі: камбек Коломойського, війна Філарета та похід Вакарчука у політику у світових фото

South African President-elect, Cyril Ramaphosa, celebrates his 57.5% vote

But it seems that another participant of the Ukrainian political life never sleeps. Oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky flew to Ukraine from Israel. He hasn’t come to Ukraine since June 2017. Later, Kolomoisky himself proved the fact of his returning and said that he doesn’t know yet what to do first of all.

Meanwhile, in the USA they no longer hint but say straightforwardly that they will cooperate with Zelensky only if he kicks out Kolomoisky and Democratic Party of the USA from his surroundings.

“He has to clean from the clingfish of the past and criminal oligarchs – Ihor Kolomoisky and others. Those who are being investigated in America, those who hinder our direct communication with the President-elect Zelensky,” attorney and the friend of Trump Rudolph Giuliani said.

Will Zelensky hear him? He probably won’t, since on the day before, his headquarters suggested paying Kolomoisky 2 billion dollars for PrivatBank by the “offsetting debts”. Also, Kolomoisky’s partner Gennadiy Bogoliubov arrived in Ukraine.

Several days before the elections, the courts made as many as three decisions in favour of the former owner of PrivatBank, Ihor Kolomoisky. Thus, on April 18 – three days before the second run-off – Kyiv District Administrative Court satisfied the oligarch’s appeal to the National Bank of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers concerning unlawful PrivatBank nationalization.

And this is only the beginning of a big political game in which, Ukrainians seem to be in the role of spectators.

Тиждень у призмі: камбек Коломойського, війна Філарета та похід Вакарчука у політику у світових фото

Muslims rest after the Friday prayer. Jakarta, Indonesia

The big political game is ongoing in the Ukrainian church too. Due to the quarrel between Filaret and Epiphanius religious scientists discuss the possibility of the Tomos (the document of the Ukrainian church independence) withdrawing. We have been struggling to get it for 27 years.

“If I had known what was happening, I wouldn’t have stood for him (Epiphanius). I trusted him and believed he would choose the right path but he failed. I haven’t foreseen this,” Patriarch Filaret shrugged, answering to the question whether he would now support the candidacy of Metropolitan Epiphanius for the position of the head of the OCU.

On the one hand, Patriarch Filaret assured that he had been cheated. He, the Patriarch, agreed not to run for the primate of the OCU, he resorted to the formal elimination of the OCU of the Kyivan Patriarchate and even didn’t come to the Synod in the patriarchal koukoulion because he wanted Ukraine to receive Tomos.

It seems that before the Unifying Synod on December 15, President Petro Poroshenko and a contender for the Metropolitan Throne, Epiphanius, guaranteed Filaret that he would lose power de jure, but would save it de facto.

According to the Patriarch, this was supposed to be according to the formula: the internal affairs of the OCU are the responsibility of Filaret, the representation of the new church in communication with the Orthodox world – Epiphanius’s – Ukrainska Pravda writes.

But it turned out to work another way. Epiphanius was elected as the first in the history presiding officer of the autocephalous church of Ukraine, and he didn’t want to become a bright screen for preserving the old state of affairs.

Formally, Constantinople has the right to withdraw Tomos due to the split. There were such precedents in history.

“Constantinople has put a lot on the success of the Ukrainian Church in its geopolitical game with the Russian Church. And taking away the recognition of the OCU means to recognize the defeat before Moscow. Even if the reason for this will be the desire of one unrecognized patriarch to keep his power. That’s why they probably won’t punish the whole Orthodox Church of Ukraine,” the journalist Roman Romaniuk writes.

Even though Easter has passed, we should preserve our faith.

Text by Kostyantyn Rul

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