Tuesday, 22 September

Major repairs of the country

There is one thing that annoys me in both the opposition and the pro-government parties: they all promise a bright future and various improvements. But there is no one to repeat the words of Winston Churchill: “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat”.

It means that currently, we don’t have any political force that considers its voters to be intellectuals and sober-minded people. All parties and figures play with populism to a greater or lesser extent, promising to reduce tariffs, raise salaries and join the European Union. But no one says that changes we must make in order to win the war with Russia as well as to overcome the Soviet Union in our everyday life will inevitably lead to a difficult and painful period for our country and people.

Because reforms do not change the situation for the better. In fact, life conditions get worse after the start of real reforms. Because the country is rebuilt in a new way from its very foundation, and it takes some time to erect the walls and make a roof. It is only in the long run that people can feel a positive effect of the reforms. We must go through the difficult times to come to this moment.

I would compare the process of radical reforms in the country with the major repairs of the house. First, you must admit that the state of the house makes the dwellers feel dissatisfied with their life in it. They can promise to themselves that after the repairs everything will be perfect: they will live there like in a palace and their life will shine with new colors (that’s what our politicians do).  They have to also agree that for some time their life will get worse, more complicated and not too comfortable.

Secondly, it will be necessary to hire a team of workers, preferably the team of professionals who know their work, ones that are not always drunk and who don’t steal building materials. It must be the team of builders who will give a real assessment of the state the house is in and who will not try to reassure you that some putty and whitewash will be enough. It has to be the team that will offer you to change communications, pipes, and wiring, to buy quality material, to winterize the house, install new technologies, invest more money than you expected in order to have a much better quality product at the output. To put it plainly, it’s not just about the renovation, it is about a wise investment in the house which will increase not only the living standards of its dwellers but also the market price of the house itself.

Thirdly, you must be ready for some difficulties and inconveniences. You’ll have to put all your stuff in the pantry, throw away the things you don’t need and you will have to move to one room and live there together. You can even move to the garage if it is summer. You will have to put up with this inconvenience for a few weeks. You will have to share such a small space with other dwellers because there is no money to rent another house while you are renovating your own. You’ll have to suffer so that in a month you’d be able to move into your own renovated palace.

Fourth, you shouldn’t fire the builders in the midst of the renovation process simply because you are tired of living in the garage, of the fact that the overhaul is progressing more slowly than you expected and the neighbors say that they would have done it much better, cheaper and faster.  Because once you fire the builders, it will be difficult to find a new team: there are not many professionals in the labor market. And true professionals cost a lot. Besides that, the old team chose and bought the materials, while the new one can simply not know how to work with them. So you will have to waste your time and money buying everything new.

Fifth, you will have to give up your vacation at the seashore and your usual leisure time, because major repairs are expensive. You are likely to realize that you don’t have enough money after you have already started, so you will have to borrow the rest or sell your own car. To cut it short, this year will be difficult. But next year you are going to live in a beautiful and comfortable house, only the market value of which will make you a wealthy person.

And it brings me to my question: why all the parties promise a wonderful house and why nobody says that we have to get ready for the difficult times and carry out the work of a laborer in order to speed up the process and save money? I would vote for such a party.

Andrii Lyubka

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