5 trucks with smuggled cigarettes worth 240 thousand dollars tried to enter Ukraine through the Domanovo checkpoint in the Volyn region. Local customs officers were going to allow the goods, but this was prevented by the operatives of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

The drivers handed over various documents to the Belarusian and Ukrainian customs officers and were about to enter Ukraine, but the car was stopped by the operatives. Inside each truck, there were 1200 boxes of cigarettes. That is, all trucks contained 6 thousand smuggled boxes – the cost of which is estimated at 240 thousand dollars.

According to the submitted shipping documents to the Ukrainian border guards, trucks with cigarettes were sent from Lithuania via Belarus to Ukraine. However, according to information received from the Customs Service of Belarus, 5 trucks should have been transiting through Ukraine from Belarus to Georgia. And truck drivers themselves stated that the goods were being taken to Kyiv. There was a suspicion of the availability of two different packages of shipping documents.

The Prosecutor’s General Office workers searched and removed a batch of cigarettes. Trucks crossed the border and, with the help of employees of the Prosecutor’s General Office and State Fiscal Service, went to the customs warehouse in Kyiv for further investigative actions.

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