Saturday, 26 September

The Security Service of Ukraine opened criminal proceedings against the mayor of Odesa. Hennadii Trukhanov is suspected of falsifying documents. This was stated on the Facebook page of Odesa activist Mykhailo Kuzakon.

The activist published an extract from the Uniform Register of Pre-Trial Investigations, according to which Hennadiy Trukhanov is suspected of falsifying documents in order to obtain admission to state secrets. The relevant documents were provided by SBU in response to the activist’s application.

СБУ підозрює мера Одеси Труханова у підробці документів

“The fact of a crime, now is officially documented on all of the issues, in the manner established by law. Crime of a citizen of Russia on the territory of Ukraine during the war, a crime against statehood…” said Kuzakon.

СБУ підозрює мера Одеси Труханова у підробці документів

Recall, the city mayor of Odesa is often accused of holding a Russian citizenship. Many media outlets wrote about this. A lot of public activists are constantly emphasizing this. In particular, Serhii  Sternenko is convinced in Russian citizenship of Trukhanov. Three assassination attempts were  committed on him. Another activist, Oleh Mykhaylyk, who was also attacked, unconditionally announces that Trukhanov has a Russian passport.

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