The protest rally takes place near the Sports Palace, where the “party of mayors” Congress is taking place. According to journalists, the participants chanted “shame” for those who go inside as the invitations, and representatives of the “National Corps” have formed a “corridor of shame”.

Also, along the central entrance, a banner “Stop the revenge” is placed. On the windows of the Palace, the protesters installed portraits of those who perished on the Maidan.

“The hymn is sung on the street. The protesters demand that people go through the corridor of shame covered with paint and photographs of Trukhanov and Kernes,” local newspapers say.

As a result, one person injured. Artem Popkov, head of the department for ensuring the mass actions of the preventive activities of the National Police, said that the victim was one of the participants of the Congress. What exactly happened, Popkov does not know, nobody was detained as a result of the incident.

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