Wednesday, 25 November

Yesterday, after the “reconstruction”, the city authorities officially opened the Summer Theater. However, Odessa is assured: they do not need such a theater, therefore citizens one after another announce a boycott of the location.

“I announce a boycott of the Summer Theater. Even if concerts are held on this site within the framework of my favorite Odessa Classics festival, I won’t go through the theater gates. I need transparency in decision-making and the city’s development strategy. I want them to put the interests of society in the first place. Everything that is happening in the Summer Theater now is not about me, not for me and will be without me,” said the deputy director of the Odessa Art Museum Oleksandra Kovalchuk.

Instead, activist Serhii Sarafanyuk urged not to ignore the situation, but publicly express dissatisfaction.

“I suggest branding “this” “a doghouse” of the Odesa city council. The final humiliation of Odesa in the format of future “shawarma-fair” platform is difficult to call the “Summer Theater”. They succeeded in making a cheap evil to spite Odesa residents,” the post reads.

In addition, the activist called for the popularization of branding the object built by the Odesa authorities as a booth for animals, to thank Trukhanov and Halanternyk and to stand in the center of the city picketing.

Inna Bilous, a founder of the charity fund Manifesto of the Peace stressed that violence over Odesa sometimes occurs in particularly perverse forms.

“It seems that rapists have good intentions, but they are paving a road to aesthetic hell. In this hell, children grow without a vaccine, and the department of education decorates hell with animation.

I feel that I have been deceived again. I feel disgraced, for in a city with a rich history, wonderful architects, and designers we get the appalling object in a sauce of cultural patronage. I feel anxiety for what they do with the activists. I dream of a green park with unusual playgrounds for children,” admitted Ms. Bilous.

Одесити оголосили бойкот Літньому театру

Photo: Inna Bilous

Activist Anna Svyatoslavna assured that the Summer Theater is living its last months. In the best case – years. She wrote this on the eve of the opening of a “restored” location.

“The perverted construction is over, so tomorrow Trukhanov will show his disabled child to Odesa citizens and guests of the city. I’m scared now to see what a Richelieu gift looks like. It’s scary to see what Halanternyk’s Witnesses have made to space, which the indifferent activists defended and gradually brought to the order. The worst thing is the realization that the fate of the historical center is determined not by the conscious share of the population, but by one developer who has been living abroad for a long time,” the activist stressed.

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