Tuesday, 22 September

Presidents of Ukraine and Poland, after meeting in Brussels, said they were inclined towards reconciliation and active cooperation between Ukraine and Poland. 

“Especially I want to emphasize that I am inclined towards perceiving the process of reconciliation and to prevent the domination of the topics of complex periods of the history of Ukrainian-Polish relations over the agenda of the strategic partnership between Ukraine and the Republic of Poland,” said Volodymyr Zelensky during a briefing with Andrzej Duda after a meeting on Tuesday evening in Brussels

The President of Poland said he hopes to resolve the problems in bilateral relations and expresses his support for the “presidential expert group”.

“We talked about the difficult historical problems, and I believe that the presidential expert group created by the presidents of Poland and Ukraine could meet and actively solve the problems in our bilateral relations and restore the spirit of truth. We hope for reconciliation and active cooperation,” the president of Poland has expressed his position. At the same time, Duda stressed that this issue “also bothers the President of Ukraine.”

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