President-elect Zelensky assured that in June he would gather representatives of big business and invite them to invest in the Donbas. The president announced this on the air of 1+1 TV channel.

“We are going to meet with big business in June and we will talk about the development of Donbas. We have a plan, we want to offer the business to invest in Donbas, invest in the infrastructure of Donbas, because Donbas will definitely come back and someone should do it,” said Zelensky. To implement it the head of the state plans to meet with “representatives of big business”.

“We may call them oligarchs, I met with Pinchuk, met with… we don’t have a lot of them, somebody else came to us, I do not remember who. Some politicians came, they are also oligarchs, but we won’t talk about them,” the president added.

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