Pokrovsky district court of the Dnipropetrovsk region approved a plea deal with the accused in the attack on a civil activist, Kateryna Handziuk, and issued the sentence.

The court’s verdict was announced during the meeting on June 6. Coordinator of the attack on Handziuk Serhii Torbin was sentenced to 6 years and 6 months of imprisonment, the attacker Mykyta Hrabchuk – to 6 years in prison. Volodymyr Vasyanovych and Vyacheslav Vyshnevskyi were sentenced to 4 years imprisonment, Viktor Horbunov – 3 years. The defendants were obliged to pay 50 thousand UAH to cover legal expenses.

The verdict will come into force after the 30-day deadline for lodging complaints and appeals. By then, all the convicted will remain in custody.

All the involved were charged with intentional grievous bodily harm, dangerous to life, committed in a way that is characterized by a special torment, in order to intimidate the victim intentionally and on the basis of the prior conspiracy of the persons that led to the death of the victim.

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