Laugh attack

It just so happened that I came to Bucharest for business the day after Chief Military Prosecutor Anatolii Matios had made a statement about the territorial threats on the part of Romania. Obviously, I began to ask my Romanian acquaintances about it: do you really want to attack us? Fortunately, none of them heard that Ukrainian senior officials had already started to see a new enemy in Romania. So they only shrugged their shoulders in surprise: Romania? The annexation of Bukovyna? Are you serious?

Let me remind you that the Colonel General of Justice of Ukraine stirred up the whole country with the news on Sunday: he became aware of Romania’s perfidious plan to encroach on his native Bukovyna. Mr. Matios assured that he would raise a general alarm and would begin to fight for Ukraine next day. He summed up the situation as follows: even “herbivores” may want to become “predators” if we don’t defend our state. I won’t comment on the fact that the military person called the member of NATO a “herbivore”, thus interfering in geopolitics and spoiling international relations. I will ask a question instead: should we expect an attack from Romania?

In the case of the statements Mr. Matios has made, the only thing one can expect is a laugh attack. This made-up “threat” which somebody saw on some amateur video has only one aim, and it is not to defend Ukraine but to defend Anatolii Matios and his post. I suppose, Mr. Prosecutor actively simulates the turbulent activity in order to demonstrate his effectiveness and irreplaceability to the new government. And it is not just about some militant patriotic fervor, he uses all means to send one message to the new president: I’m on your side, just let me keep the post.

Let’s put some of the facts together to make sure that it is true. To begin with, the elder sister of the Military Prosecutor Maria Matios, a well-known writer and deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, has recently voted for bringing the bills of Volodymyr Zelensky to the agenda of the parliament. It would have been all right but for the fact that she had been elected as a deputy in the Ukrainian parliament as a member of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko while most of her colleagues didn’t support this legislative initiative. But the purpose of such a decision was simple: it was done so that the connecting tag “for” would be put between the names Zelensky and Matios.

After that, the Military Prosecutor himself decided not to hide his support of the new government. When Zelensky, for instance, appointed his friend Ivan Bakanov to lead the Security Service of Ukraine, Matios said he was ready to support this person and, if necessary, help, because “it is necessary to help build the state.” What a patriotic and statist position!

Anatoly Matios didn’t stop there though. It seemed important to him not only to support Volodymyr Zelensky, but to make everybody know it. So the Military Prosecutor decided not to choose his words carefully, trying to sound scandalously and forwardly, “First, the Verkhovna Rada is dismissed for a reason; second, the Verkhovna Rada has castrated the law enforcement agencies by cutting off their powers for anti-corruption achievements over the past year and a half; third, there are many conscious, smart deputies in the Verkhovna Rada; fourth, the political expediency of the absent coalition has made a clown of a state; and fifth, clowns cannot be subjects of international politics, when you are a clown you are on the parvis, and therefore when a state has no subjectivity and no ability to protect and adhere to the arrangements of state instruments and public policy, it is not a state.”

Don’t you think that such a sharp and emotional statement does not quite suit the status of the Military Prosecutor? Wouldn’t it be more professional to refrain from commenting on political issues, not to mention the naming of elected deputies as clowns? But what can you do? Apparently, Mr. Matios has another task – to get to Zelensky at any cost, to assure him of his full loyalty and support in order to maintain a high position and stay in power. So let the parliamentarians be clowns, and Romania, which is friendly to us, turn into a predatory aggressor, preparing for an attack.

The motives for such actions are clear, but all this has little to do with the officer’s honor and human dignity. Not to mention state interests.

Andrii Lybka

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