Tuesday, 29 September

Size matters

Summer has come, and the women took off all the extra layers of clothing. Instead of two or three of them, or even more in winter, now most of the women wear just one thin layer of clothing plus underwear. And, as always, it highlighted the most typical and common stylish problem that hides under coats and sweaters in the winter season.

Do you think stylish clothes start from style, colours and interesting combinations? From matching the event and the relevant fashion trends? It’s also important, but the first thing the style begins with is – you will not believe it – size!

The best, most fashionable and coolest dress looks bad if it is too small. A simple basic normal sized dress that fits well looks much better. The basic ensemble of jeans and T-shirt looks quite decent if the T-shirt and jeans are of the right size. And the same things look sad if the t-shirt swifts the torso, and the jeans cut into and crack behind.

Some would say, well, maybe she simply gained a bit of weight, and refreshing the entire wardrobe requires a lot of money. I would agree with that, it could also happen. But somehow the whole cities are crowded by the people who gained a bit of weight. They all couldn’t get fat at the same time. Moreover, they often wear clearly new things. So we have to admit: often it’s not that clothes have become too small, but that they immediately were of the wrong size. This is such a traditional women’s fun: buying squeezing clothes and being glad that they such a small size fits them. In addition, it is still a very common opinion that the clothes should show the contours of the body as best as possible, that this is what makes it feminine and attractive.

I’ll tell you a terrible secret. When you walk down the street, no one sees the size tag on your clothes. No one will know that you fit into the size 40 heroically unless you notify everyone about this huge achievement. But the fact that these clothes are too small for you will be clear for all because it is not about a tag – it is perfectly seen. Tight clothing does not just show the contours of the body, it also demonstrates and emphasizes a lot of unnecessary details: the contours of linen, folds on the back and stomach, and in particularly severe cases – even cellulite. It does not add any style or chic.

But the truth is also that determining the size is not always an easy task. Each manufacturer has its own ideas about what to call size S or L. Even supposedly standardized European or American sizes can be very different in measurements. Different models of the same manufacturer can fit in different ways, sometimes you may need a larger size, sometimes a smaller one. And a lot depends on the templates and even on the fabric. The same dress, the same brand, the same style can fit differently depending on what fabric it is made of.

What’s the conclusion? Do not look at the tags at all, they are misleading. And do not take into account what size fitted you, even if it is bigger than you expected. It says nothing about you, it’s just a different scale of the manufacturer. We should look not at the size but at the things. For confidence, you can carry a measuring tape with you. You can also take one thing in two sizes into the fitting room just in case – the one that you feel is right, and a bigger one. And do not agree to the persuasion of the sellers, that the dress is of your size if you managed to fasten it somehow while holding the belly and your breath. No! The dress of your size is the one that fits well and in which you feel comfortable.

How to determine that the clothes are too small?

– T-shirt or blouse swifts the back and shows the folds of your bra;

– When you spread your hands, a shirt or a jacket is very tight on the back;

– A dress or a shirt cuts under the arms;

– A noticeable crease on the sides forms over the belt of jeans or trousers;

– Jeans or pants of any style except “skinny” are stretched very tightly on the legs;

– A narrow skirt or dress that is not of knit fabric stretches very tightly on the legs;

– You take two steps and the skirt goes up.

The key to good taste is at least one centimetre of “air” between a woman and a dress. Unlike swimsuits, dresses should not fit tightly like a second skin. And even they should just fit, not cut into the skin, making a stripes caterpillar out of a woman.

Smaller clothes have never made anyone leaner, as much as vice versa. When the clothes cut, stretch like a drum, burst at the seams – a woman looks like a lush dough, which is very well risen and climbs out of the tub. However, if the clothes leave a little space for the body, if they are loose-fitting, not clamped – in such clothes you feel better and look more elegant.

Next time, before you buy even a simple knit T-shirt, just try on one size larger than always. And feel the difference.

Maya Tulchynska, fashion blogger

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