In Ukraine the week passed under the mourning colours. The whole nation cried over a five-year-old Kyrylo who has been shot by the drunk policemen who were playing with guns. Not only did the head of the police Knyazev and Minister Avakov refused to resign but the responsible for the department was sent to the front line… for climbing the career ladder. A complete absurdity was the meeting of two mayors’ parties: Trukhanov’s and Kernes. They even promised to restore Marshal Zhukov monument. Fortunately, not so absurd was Zelensky’s first visit to the EU.

Тиждень у призмі: флірт Зеленського у ЄС, успіх «Чорнобилю» та вбивство дитини патрульними

On May 31, a boy with a closed-head injury, intracerebral hematoma and a fracture of the temporal bone was taken to intensive care in the Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky Central Regional Hospital. In the hospital, a bullet wound was found. The boy was transported to the hospital in Kyiv.

In the State Bureau of Investigation, it was reported that according to the preliminary version of the police, the child was injured by falling and hitting. However, during an additional review of the venue, law enforcement officers found cartridges from Flaubert’s cartridges, glasses and jars.

Within 24 hours, Kyrylo died, not gaining consciousness. The doctors couldn’t take the bullet out of the brain. Medical workers were trying to stabilize the boy’s condition for two days but everything was in vain.

The State Bureau of Investigation has immediately re-qualified the case ton “deliberate murder” but here, the “fiction” began. Holosiivsky Court of Kyiv took the policemen Ivan Prykhodko and Volodymyr Petrovets, suspected in the murder of a 5-year-old boy Kyrylo Tlyavov, into custody for two months without the opportunity to bail. They refused to bear testimony in the court and said that they didn’t know who made the fatal shot. Suddenly a 15-year-old son of one of the policemen popped up in the case. According to the sources, he will be attempted to charged with murder because the underage receive mitigated sentence.

Several hundreds of protesters under the District Police Office demanded to punish those responsible in the death of a five-year-old Kyrylo and to take the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov off the job.

The enforces with shields surrounded the building and the nationalists among whom there were the right-wing radicals, started to throw stones and gas grenades at them. The same actions broke out throughout the country.

Knyazev and Avakov refused to resign, the kid was buried, and the Police General Dmytro Tsenov, who filed the resignation letter, was appointed to a new post in the Joint Forces Operation. He will become the head of the police forces in the area of the Joint Operation.

Promotion for the child’s death. No comments.Тиждень у призмі: флірт Зеленського у ЄС, успіх «Чорнобилю» та вбивство дитини патрульними

In Kharkiv, the meeting of the newly-created party “Doviriay Dilam” (Trust the Deeds – ED.) was held. Kharkiv Chairman Hennadiy Kernes became its head, the deputy-head – the mayor of Odesa Hennadiy Trukhanov. During the meeting, they announced their intention to run for the parliament in order to defend the interest of the regions and to restore Marshal Zhukov monument.

The activists who picketed the meeting arranged the “corridor of shame”: they made a line through which each participant of the meeting passed. The participants of the forum hid their faces, confessing that they’re civil workers and refused to talk with the journalists.

“This is the initiative of Odesa and Kharkiv. We’re on speaking terms with Trukhanov for a while. We offered other city chairmen too. I won’t tell who refused because ‘never shut the door’,” Kernes said.

Shortly before the beginning of the event it became known that in Kharkiv, nationalists crushed down Zhukov’s monument. Hennadiy Kernes said that it would be necessarily restored at the charity fund expense.

To the question whether the image of the party would be spoilt by the criminal records of its leaders, Hennadiy Kernes answered – they all were politically-motivated, “What about the criminal cases, they usually say: There is no fence against ill fortune. I can say that what was called criminal cases is just a scam of past authorities against me and, I suppose, against Trukhanov. What about the pressure on us – the same. We acted in the interest of people to the possible extent under those circumstances,” Kernes said.

Hennadiy Kernes also added that providing the party passed into the parliament he would remain at his post, and there are “people to work”. The next meeting of the party will take place on June 9, in Odesa, then more concrete program, details on financing and membership will be promulgated.Тиждень у призмі: флірт Зеленського у ЄС, успіх «Чорнобилю» та вбивство дитини патрульними

President Volodymyr Zelensky paid his first foreign visit. He arrived in Brussels and met with the president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

“The strategic course of Ukraine to gain full membership in the EU and NATO is enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine. It remains our unchanging foreign policy priority. The movement of Ukraine to the highest European standards of life and safety is a requirement of Ukrainian society. This is the aim of all our reforms,” Zelensky said.

Nevertheless, Zelenky didn’t succeed in reforms. The parliament failed one after the other all the bills of the president, in particular, on the dismissal of the head of the Security Service Vasyl Hrytsak, the Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak, and the Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin. There were also not enough deputies to dismiss Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman and the entire membership of the Cabinet of Ministers.

But according to political analysts, it works to Zelensky’s advantage. The rating of his party “Servant of the People” has already exceeded 40%, and it is likely that his people will take the constitutional majority in parliament. For the median situation looks like this: the president tries to change something, and deputies don’t let him do so. By the way, according to sociologists, in the next parliament, there will be 4 parties: “Servant of the People”, “European Solidarity” of the ex-president Petro Poroshenko, “Fatherland” of Yuliia Tymoshenko and “Opposition Bloc”.

Zelensky himself plays the role of Cheshire cat. At least for Europeans.

“Stable Ukraine is an integral part of European security,” he said at a meeting with the NATO leader and immediately added, “To raise people’s standard of living, fight corruption and modernize the state is possible only if national security is guaranteed.” Europeans have already heard it multiple times. Will they see results?Тиждень у призмі: флірт Зеленського у ЄС, успіх «Чорнобилю» та вбивство дитини патрульними

The British-American historical series Chornobyl became the most popular on record and already caused a tourist boom in the kill zone in the Kyiv region. The action takes place after the explosion of the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant on April 26, 1986. They show the evacuation of the inhabitants of Prypiat, the rescue operation, the consequences of the catastrophe and the investigation of the causes. The American channel so atmospherically conveyed the horror of the catastrophe and the fury of the Soviet system that Russia began to shoot its version, of course, with Chekists-heroes and officials.

The creators of Chornobyl don’t manipulate the facts. They don’t try to forcibly introduce unbelievable versions, play with the fear of radiation, or add any mystical explanations. They don’t show two-headed monsters. And radiation burns are demonstrated only in several episodes. The series immediately grabs the throat and doesn’t let you go until the final titles.

The series ends with documentary shots and the number of victims in the aftermath of the tragedy. Official statistics of the Soviet Union – 31 people died. But in reality, it’s impossible to count. The figures of real deaths can reach 100 thousand. But what is the cost of life in the totalitarian system?

A zilch! In North Korea, on the orders of Kim Jong-il, the country’s leader, they executed a former senior nuclear envoy to the United States and punished four officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They were accused of espionage in favour of the United States.

Even in 2019, there are echoes of a terrible system. The series showed that Ukrainians should fight not only for freedom but for the truth.

Text by Kostyantyn Rul

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