Wednesday, 23 September

Zelensky said that the party will present 100 members. According to him, the team was formed from “experts, people from the regions and those who submitted an online application.”

“We didn’t have enough time to test them for integrity. Therefore, we hope journalists and civil society will help to analyze our mistakes and we will correct them,” he said.

So, in the list of “Servants of the people”:

  1. Dmytro Razumkov;
  2. Ruslan Stefanchuk;
  3. Iryna Venedyktova;
  4. David Arachamia;
  5. Halyna Yanchenko;
  6. Mykhailo Fedorov;
  7. Oleksandr Korniyenko;
  8. Anastasia Krasnosilska;
  9. Oleksandr Tkachenko;
  10. Zhan Beleniuk;
  11. Serhii Babak;
  12. Oleksandr Krykliy;
  13. Olena Shuliak;
  14. Dmytro Natalukha;
  15. Elena Neskulina;
  16. Oleksii Vorzhhel;
  17. Andrii Herus;
  18. Mykhailo Radutsky;
  19. Denys Monastyrskyi;
  20. Danylo Hetmantsev.

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