Patriarch Filaret declared that he doesn’t accept Tomos on autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church since he was not acquainted with its contents before the receipt. He stated it during the forum of the Ukrainian intelligentsia.

“We do not accept it because we did not know the content of Tomos, which was given to us,” Filaret assured.

According to him, if the substance of Tomos was known in advance, then on December 15 they would not vote for autocephaly, since “it is not necessary to change one dependence to another.”

“The Moscow Patriarchate serves the interests of Moscow, the OCU serves the Greeks. Well, who will serve Ukraine? ” said Filaret.

“We convene a local Synod, during which we will not approve the decision of the Synod, which took place on December 15, 2018. That is, its decision won’t be obligatory for us, so we will show that the Kyiv Patriarchate was, is and will be. We convene the Synod on June, 20,” he added.

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