Wednesday, 30 September

In the fiscal year 2020, which will begin on October 1, 2019, the Pentagon should allocate 250 million USD to military assistance to Ukraine. The relevant initiative is laid down in the draft US military budget for the next year. This is reported by the UNN.

“In this section, 250 million are allocated in order to enable the Minister of Defense to provide assistance to the Government of Ukraine in matters related to security and intelligence,” the bill reads.

Also, the draft provides for the extension of the ban on the use of budgetary funds for “the implementation of all kinds of activities that determine Russia’s sovereignty over the Crimea.” Also, the authors of the initiative ask the head of the Pentagon to report on the US strategy “on countering Russian threats in the Black Sea.”

The project will be discussed at a meeting on June 12. After that, the document will be considered by the House of Representatives, then the Senate should join. If both chambers of Congress support the draft budget, it’s going to be sent to the US president for signing.

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