Saturday, 19 September

It is the 5th anniversary of the Ukrainian Il-76 military transport aircraft crash. Five years ago, it was shot down during landing by Russian terrorists. 49 servicemen on the aircraft died. Here are the reactions about the day we mustn’t forget.

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine reported that there were 40 servicemen and 9 crew members on the aircraft. However, the bell of memory sounded 54 times today as it honoured other defenders killed on this day, June 14, but in next years. Below you can find their names.

Viktor Muzhenko, a former Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine expressed consilience to families of the officers, sergeants, and soldiers who were killed while they were defending Ukraine. He highlighted that they were fighting the aggressor with dignity and honour.

Ulana Suprun, the Acting Healthcare Minister, reminded that those guilty haven’t been punished yet, the investigation and court hearings are still held. Suprun also told that bodies of some killed defenders are still on the territory of the airport.

Volodymyr Zelensky said that our main commitment is not to let such tragedies happen again. Besides, the President named one of the key priorities which is to develop effective military law processes in Ukraine. He thinks that military deaths are not just statistics but a deep wound which will hurt long.

The Security Service posted that they had irrefutable proofs telling non-staff employees of the Russian military intelligence (GRU) from the so-called Wagner PMC shot down the aircraft according to a decision made in the Kremlin.

Petro Poroshenko, a former president of Ukraine, also spoke about the tragic anniversary. He highlighted that those were Russian mercenaries who shot down the aircraft.

Ihor Zhadanov, a Minister of Youth and Sports, called for remembering the crime of Russian terrorists. He asked not to forget it and not forgive those who took lives of 49 Ukrainian servicemen.

Serhii Kryvonos, a combat general and Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, said that servicemen, as well as pilots, don’t die: they left for heaven to give us better future.

Andrii Teteruk, a veteran, and MP, stressed that Russia came to our land to kill Ukrainians and today, almost every day is marked with somebody’s death.

Borys Filatov, a mayor of Dnipro, called the IL-76 tragedy one of the biggest in the newest history of Ukraine. Because this day changed life not only of servicemen’s families but also became a terrible experience of war for everybody of us.

Boris Nemirovskyi, a blogger, said that five years ago, the world hardly reacted at the tragedy. And perhaps, but for the shot down Boeing, it wouldn’t have reacted at anything. Today, according to the author, only Ukrainians remember about deaths of Ukrainian servicemen on the IL-76. That’s why we are obliged to remember it forever.

Roman Kulyk, a veteran and blogger, summed up that we have many reasons to hate the enemy and remember a true face of the Russian Federation, all their crimes and villainy. There are also enough reasons to remember the heroes killed. And the IL-76 tragedy is one of them.

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