Wednesday, 28 October

Volodymyr Zelensky assured that at the first meeting with Vladimir Putin Zelenskt will remind him that Donbas and Crimea are Ukraine. This was stated by the president of Ukraine in a recent interview.

Asked about what Zelensky would say to Putin during his first meeting, the president replied: “Let’s start with the fact that Donbas and Crimea are Ukraine.”

“Crimea is Ukraine. And we hope that soon it will be returned. I love Crimea very much. I have been there many-many times. This is a unique place in Ukraine with its nature and history. For me, Crimea has always been and still stays a part of Ukraine,” said Zelensky.

The president also confirmed Ukraine’s course on European integration and joining NATO, responding to journalists’ questions.

“Ukraine seeks for European integration, for it is the major demand of our people. But we understand that we need to deliver compelling results to be able to join the common economic, legal, customs, and digital spaces of the EU. I would like to see Ukraine at such a level of development that the EU countries will see us as an equal member of the Union. And we will do everything to reach this,” he said.

“Almost all our neighbors are members of the Alliance, as well as France and Germany. Ukraine has officially declared its aspiration to join NATO too. First, what I want to do is to implement NATO standards in the Ukrainian armed forces and our security sector. Ukraine is already a reliable partner of NATO and in the future, we can become a reliable member of the Alliance,” Zelensky said.

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