Vadym Komarov, a Cherkasy journalist who was in a coma after he was beaten in early May, died without getting out of it. This was announced by the chairman of the National Union of Journalists Serghii Tomilenko.

“Cherkassy journalist Vadym Komarov died this night. He was brutally beaten in the center of Cherkasy on May 4. Since the time of the attack, Vadym was unconscious, he was in a coma,” wrote Serghii Tomilenko.

He noted that the only version of the murder attempt, and now also the assassination is the professional activity of Komarov.

“He was uncomfortable for many local politicians. He spoke about corruption in Cherkasy, ​​he was covering high-profile issues,” said Tomilenko.

According to the head of the National Union of Journalists, the organization continues to insist on conducting special parliamentary hearings on journalists’ physical security and freedom of speech.

“We continue to demand real, and not declarative, protection of the rights of Ukrainian journalists. Another murder of a journalist in Ukraine. After a vicious assassination of Pavlo Sheremet in the center of Kyiv, the sad list was replenished with the new name,” said Tomilenko.

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