Viktor Handziuk, the father of the assassinated Kateryna Handziuk, has published an open letter to the president of Ukraine, which emphasizes the need for a meeting “not for PR, without cameras and journalists”.

“I want to meet with the president, along with those who do not forget Kateryna’s murder. Not for PR. We need a meeting without cameras and journalists. We have a very important conversation and we have only one goal – to punish the guilty of murder,” Viktor Handziuk emphasized.

Kateryna Handziuk’s father is surprised that the president-elect did not pay attention to the most massive rally in the country since the days of EuroMaydan – “Ukraine asks: Who ordered Kateryna Handziuk?” – and still keeps silent.

“I understand that the president has many priorities today. The country is waiting for new elections. They say that leaders identify themselves with the president and call themselves “Servants of the People”. Aren’t they concerned about the lack of president’s position in Kateryna’s case? Is it so difficult to respond to the questions and demands that the entire country and the world set?” the letter reads.

“Running for election, Volodymyr, you demanded that Petro Poroshenko punish Kateryna’s murderers.
Today you have become president. The killers are still not punished. Please don’t be silent,” Viktor Handziuk urged.

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