Weather is often the subject of controversy, complaints, and grievances. Almost no one enjoys a good cloudy day, heavy rain, or bright summer sun. For most of us, the sun is too bright, the snow is too white, the ice is slippery, the rain is wet, the thunderstorm is too loud, hail is imperfectly round, and the clouds, even more, constantly change their shape and color.

We often hear that in childhood there were high snowdrifts in the winter, spring began on a schedule, in the summer there were no tornadoes or squalls, in the fall everything became golden because of correctly yellowed leaves.

And now there is nothing good in the weather.

You should not be surprised at such tendencies, because people are often subject to the infantile perception of reality. And this shows not only the attitude to the natural state of the atmosphere, but also to social processes.

We will leave the social processes to professional experts, but for now, let’s take a look into the nearest synoptic future.

The heat in Ukraine will last until the end of the week.

The maximum air temperature will fluctuate within +30 +35 degrees. With more intense solar heating in the southern part, in the east and in the Dnipropetrovsk region, degrees can be higher. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, drink more water, protect your head to avoid warm or sunstroke, give preference to light natural fabrics, and especially watch out for children and the elderly.

At night in Ukraine, the air temperature will be +18 +24 degrees Celsius, in the Carpathians +12 +18 degrees Celsius in places .

In the western regions, on June 22-23, the air temperature will drop to +24 +28 degrees.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


The combination of high air temperature and dry weather significantly increase the fire danger, so you should be extremely careful with the fire. Short rains with thunderstorms between 20 and 23 of June are the most probable scenario in the western part of Ukraine. Rains can turn into heavy rains. Squalls and hail are expected locally. In the rest of the territory, significant precipitation is unlikely.

The changes in temperature are expected in Ukraine next week.

Gradually, starting from the western regions, the heat in Ukraine will step back on June 25-26. The air temperature during the daytime will drop to +23 +28 degrees.

In the south of Ukraine and in the eastern part, slight cooling is expected on June 27-28.

Short rains will fall mainly in the western regions and in the north of Ukraine next week. However, such an earliness of this forecast requires clarification, it is worth monitoring closely our next forecasts.

In Kyiv, the heat will last until the end of the week and will even intensify. The air temperature during the day will be +30 +34 degrees. Significant precipitation is unlikely, dry weather will prevail.

On Monday and Tuesday, June 25-26, it will be still hot in the capital, but from June 26, the heat will step back. The air temperature will drop during the daytime to +23 +26 degrees.

Next week the likelihood of rain with thunderstorms will increase in Kyiv. During thunderstorms, squalls and even hail are possible.

So, the weather in Ukraine is extremely heterogeneous, from heat to cold, from heavy summer storms to dry periods. The atmosphere is a living organism, powerful, strong, and independent. Therefore, it is better to take any weather for granted, reasonably and safely adjusting to different weather conditions. And for this you need to be adults, study natural processes, constantly improve yourself, teach children, be interested in the world around as well as the other countries, in order to better understand the origins of the processes, to protect nature. In a word, to be responsible.

Natalka Didenko

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