Coming back to the news (not) from the field of fantasy: ex-deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Yanukovych Andrii Portnov was reinstated as a professor of the Department of Constitutional Law of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University. Students plan to protest, Portnov doesn’t care, Parubii warns against the revenge of the “Russian world”, and we tell about everything in Reactions.

A writer and a human rights activist Larysa Denysenko is convinced that Portnov is unlikely to be able to teach students something adequate. He will only “demonstrate how to stay in the profession and even be a professor of it by setting his own example of a good legal technician, who flouts all the constitutional principles”.

The speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrii Parubii called Portnov’s comeback one of the components of the black day with the stench of the “Russian world”, along with the death of Tymchuk, the antics of the Church of Moscow and Zhukov in Kharkiv.

Meanwhile, students and graduates of the university organized a campaign “Say No to Portnov in KNU!”, which will be held today at 18:30. According to the activist Serhii Mazur, one of the organizers of this event, the student Ivan Holod was threatened by the guards of the institution, they promised he will not pass his exams.

By the way, Andrii Portnov himself is obviously indifferent to the announced action. The former member of Yanukovych’s administration only noted in his Telegram channel that he supports any protest, except hunger strike.

The ATO veteran and blogger Roman Kulyk also resented the restoration of Portnov at the Department of Constitutional law. According to the author, the rector has completely bailed on the reputation of his own university.

The deputy minister of justice Sergiy Petukhov reminded that the education of a lawyer consists of two components: professionalism and ethics. The author of the article does not know how professional Portnov is, but with respect to the second component, he has nothing to teach his students.

Ivan Prymachenko, a historian and the co-founder of the project Prometheus, is convinced that Portnov’s reinstatement is not just cynical bleaching of the reputation of one of the most odious members of Yanukovych’s team, but also the help for the revenge of “regionals”. And the university, according to Prymachenko, has very little time to rectify this situation.

But an investment banker Sergey Fursa noted with irony that after Portnov’s return we will be able to explain clearly why the university building is red. Because of shame.

A social activist and the co-author of the language law Taras Shamayda called the resumption of Portnov disgrace.

An activist Vasyl Arbuzov said what scares him most in Portnov is not so much Portnov himself but other “interesting people” who will return if we ignore this particular situation. And the silence of the president is also scary. Silence kills.

But a writer Ian Valietov notes that Portnov can be considered whatever, but if there is no legal reason to resent his reinstatement at the University, then it is not worth to do it at all.

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