Saturday, 26 September

The Information Resistance group will continue its work after the death of an MP, one of the coordinators and co-founders of the group Dmytro Tymchuk. This is stated in the statement of the group.

“One of the coordinators and co-founders of the group, the lieutenant-colonel of the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military journalist Dmytro Tymchuk died tragically on June 19. The Information Resistance group and the staff of the Center for Military and Political Studies express deep condolences on this subject to all relatives and friends of our friend and colleague “.

Representatives of the group are not going to stop their activities in favor of Ukraine.

“Dmytro has always been a real professional. He will forever remain in our memory as a man of solid patriotic beliefs, of unshakable moral principles, which he never yielded. It was thanks to human and professional qualities that Dmitry managed to bring together like-minded people who, from the very beginning of Russian aggression and to this day, defended Ukraine on the information front. His life and the professional path were full of significant achievements in the interests of his homeland. We will remember him as an honest, decent person and a true officer.” noted the IR.

The group also called media, as well as all those who have not been indifferent to this tragedy, not to distribute ideas about its causes and circumstances, and wait for official results of the investigation.

“The Information Resistance Group will continue to defend its national interests in Ukraine with all its efforts. And we must implement all the plans our fellow colleague had to deal with. The group is sincerely grateful to all who have said to us, relatives, friends, and friends of Dmytro during this difficult time the words of support and compassion.”

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