Tuesday, 29 September

Kremlin-controlled “court” of Simferopol charged the Crimean-Tatar Osman Muratov with “failure to report a crime” and fined him for 10,000 rubles. This is reported by the “Crimea. Realia”.

“The reached verdict does not comply with the law and is not substantiated. We have a ten-day deadline to appeal against the court’s decision. It would seem that 10 thousand fine is not worth the troubles, nor the time spent on this trial. However, if the verdict is not appealed, it will set the ground for the formation of a negative practice of bringing other people under this article,” lawyer Lilya Hemedzhy explained.

She also noted that during the trial, the judge repeatedly called the lawyers “totally incompetent”, denied the petitions, satisfaction of which could disprove the evidence of the prosecution, interrupted the defence in the debate.

“I believe that the reasons given as proof of the guilt of my client are not confirmed during the judicial investigation. The expert could not explain how on the phone, bought in 2017, the prosecutors disclosed correspondence for 2016. The investigative experiment in the courtroom confirmed that by changing the date and time on the phone, you can backdate such correspondence. However, the judge did not pay any attention to this. Such an attitude was present within the entire trial,” she said.

Let’s remind, in November last year in the annexed Crimea Russia broke the first “criminal case about not informing the FSB of Russia”.

In April this year, the Russian “court” in Crimea began to consider the first “criminal case” about the failure to report under Article 205.6 of the Criminal Code. According to the investigation, the accused did not inform law enforcement officers that his relative had gone to war to Syria on the ISIS side. The lawyer claimed that the case was rigged.

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