The court ordered to register a fugitive MP Onyshchenko as a candidate for election because he “represented Ukraine” in horse racing competitions. This decision was taken on June 21st, reported by Slidstvo.Info

Onyshchenko sued the Central Election Commission, which had previously refused to register him as a candidate because he had not lived in Ukraine for the last 5 years.

“In his autobiography, as a candidate, he wrote that since 2016 he lives outside the state because he allegedly represented Ukraine in horse racing competitions ‘as a rider’. In support, Onyshchenko provided a letter from the Public Organization ‘All-Ukrainian Equestrian Federation’. The court accepted his arguments and satisfied the petition,” the journalists reported.

“The panel of judges notes that these documents confirm the gravity of the reasons for Onyshchenko’s leaving Ukraine in 2016,” says the court’s decision.

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