You’d better…

My friend is a volunteer, she rescues abandoned animals, helps in the animal shelters. Every time she writes about her volunteering in the social networks, half of the comments is like “You’d better help children”.

My friend, a volunteer. Her whole free time she dedicates to raising money for treatment of children’s severe diseases. I don’t know how much heart she has to let everything in, to suffer the pain of every family. When she writes posts, many people come just to comment: “You’d better help elderly people”.

My friend has lost her sleep for five years, she helps adult and very adult people to struggle with terrible illnesses and to live out their days worthily. I am even afraid to imagine how many times she was written: “you’d better help children”, “you’d better help kittens”, “you’d better… “.

My friend protects the rights of immigrants free of charge, she still has a lot of people for legal help. She also sleeps a little, works a lot, and in every second turn she hears “You’d better…”.

My friend protects the rights of LGBT minorities as a lawyer. And he’s a record holder on the number of experienced “You’d better…”. People who know about his volunteer activity think – he’d better help children/seniors/homeless/dogs/hamsters, etc.. The list of this “you’d better…” is endless.

Strange enough, but variants and shades of this “you’d better” is best familiar to the people who avoid solving even their own problems. For there must be Someone in their lives to solve the problems. Probably, everyone who at least once in his life showed some social activity – volunteering, helping, going out on rallies and marches – heard this “you’d better”.

Seven years on end, on the days of the Equality March (more known as gay pride) I see in the social networks a real “you’d better” parade. The participants of the march and people who at least from afar speak in their support are still offered the same – old and small, cats and dogs, parrots and hamsters, and also vegetarians, agoraphobes, whoever but not those LGBT people. It creates the impression that, according to the minds of these wonderful people, everything in the world is worth the march-rally-parade except LGBT.

In this way any initiative, any activity may be crossed out. About the march for the animals’ rights, one can also say “you’d better”. About the march for children’s rights – “You’d better march for elderly people’s rights”. About the march for elderly people – “You’d better march for the rights of the poor”. And same “you’d better” will be about the poor. This “you’d better” is an infinite concept for us.

It’s worth remembering that every march/parade/rally for someone’s rights is for the sake of each of us. And the Equality March, which for some reason causes unbridled outrage from year to year and new infinities of “you’d better”, it’s not so much about the rights of gays, lesbians, bi and transgender people, it’s about each of us, being different and not being afraid to be killed for that. It’s even about the rights of everyone to announce, “I exist, the world, don’t neglect me, I am the part of you, I can be useful for you”. And, after all, it’s about the right to defend your rights.

And be sure, when there are marches for the rights of children, women, animals, there will be the same people who went out today, the only ones who will not be there, those who at this time write their “you’d better…”.

Tatusya Bo

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