Russia’s return to PACE is what we wanted to believe the least, and what happened despite the real struggle of the Ukrainian delegation. Read opinions, evaluation, and analysis in Reactions by Opinion.

Volodymyr Zelensky stressed that he was disappointed with the decision of PACE. The president thanked the Ukrainian parliamentary delegation and those who bravely fought till the end.

The fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called the decision of the Assembly the first serious diplomatic blow that Ukraine has received over the past five years. Poroshenko promised to use all his foreign policy ties, “so that the virus of all-forgiveness of Russia for the annexation of Crimea and the occupation of Donbas does not spread further.”

A diplomat and a politician Roman Bezsmertnyi noted that Zelensky knew the outcome of the PACE meeting in advance, and that is why he avoided meeting with our deputies. Besides, Mr. Bezsmertnyi notes that Russia used the convenient moment of the emergence of contradiction in Ukraine.

Taras Berezovets, a journalist and a political strategist, criticized Zelensky, noting that the whole last month, while the positional struggle around the lifting of sanctions against Russia in the Council of Europe was going on, the President’s team was engaged in anything but this issue.

A journalist Tetiana Vysotska is convinced that the return of Russia to PACE is one of the “landmines” that Poroshenko allegedly laid for Zelensky.

A political strategist Oleksii Holobutskyi, in his turn, called the events in PACE the first failure of Ukraine in the international arena during the cadence of Zelensky. The expert agrees that the voting situation did not arise suddenly, however, he notes: earlier, the president was able to take effective actions and to stop the return of the Russian Federation to the Assembly at this or that stage.

A People’s Deputy Vadym Denysenko is convinced that the decision of PACE should be considered as a serious signal to all of us. The politician believes that the reason for this success of the Russians is the ability to wait and play their game despite the defeats and blows.

Said Ismahilov, one of the Muslim spiritual leaders of Ukraine, regarded the decision of PACE as a betrayal of human values and further dismantling of the international principles, when noone sat together with terrorists and murderers in the international institutions, but also did not shake their hands. Ismahilov urged the Ukrainians to unite and protect the national interests of our country.

A writer Maks Kidruk spoke more succinctly, noting that his faith in liberal democracy and the world based on it without violence has finally died today.

Roman Kulyk, a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war and a blogger, is convinced that the decision of PACE is, in particular, the evidence of how our president is perceived by the European partners: they don’t have an opinion.

A writer Andrii Liubka also supported the view that Russia’s return to PACE is the first geopolitical defeat of Zelensky. At the same time, the author notes that his defeats are now the defeats of Ukraine. Besides, Liubka believes that, unfortunately, this is not his last defeat.

A political expert Olexii Minakov noted that this is not so much a foreign policy defeat of Ukraine as the defeat of Europe, which failed the test of unity in the confrontation with the aggressor and changed the principles of democracy and the rule of law.

Mustafa Nayyem, a People’s Deputy and a former journalist, stressed that the decision of PACE is nothing but a betrayal. After all, Russia’s return to the Assembly is not about democracy, not about human rights or values, but about money.

A public activist Serhii Sternenko noted that Europe, though not all of it, seeks reconciliation with Russia because it is beneficial for them from an economic point of view.

A political scientist and a publicist Stanislav Fedorchuk reminded that the only protection for Ukraine is our Armed Forces. In addition, the author added that it is time to look for new allies who will not become friendly with Putin’s regime tomorrow.

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