The Ukrainian banknotes are expecting a new “family member”: the national Bank will put a new 1000 hryvnias bill into circulation at the end of October. The front side of the most expensive Ukrainian banknote depicts Vernadsky, and the back shows the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Read about the public feedback to this news in Reactions.

As noted by the National Bank, the new banknote combines the top-notch technologies of design and protection and generally inherits the style of “modernized generation of hryvnia” – those beautiful brand new 20, 100 and 500 hryvnias which were at first painful to exchange and take out of purses.

The National Bank has good SMM experts, who tried to debunk the myths about the new banknote in advance. For example, those who started panicking about the rising prices, inflation and the like can officially kick themselves. Although it seems, they didn’t always need a reason.

In addition, the National Bank assures that the introduction of 1000 hryvnias banknote does not mean the emission of hryvnia.

And finally: the devaluation of the hryvnia also should not be expected. Even if it is predicted by your favorite financial couch-based expert.

And now let’s take a look at what the opinion leaders write on the network. A blogger Denys Kazanskyi notes that the bill of one thousand hryvnias is more than normal. But it was abnormal when the most expensive bill (500 hryvnias) cost less than 20 dollars. But as to the portrait on a brand new thousand, the blogger noted that it would be quite good if a composer Leontovych was depicted on the new hryvnia bill.

A historian, a journalist and a publicist Vakhtang Kipiani noted that Vernadsky is, of course, a great scientist, the founder of the Academy of Sciences and all that, but at the same time, he is a bridge that connects us with Russia. Therefore Kipiani is convinced that the personality was chosen untimely.

A researcher of the Institute of History of Ukraine Oleksandr Alfyorov is of about the same beliefs. According to him, Vernadsky had no position in the context of the Ukrainian statehood. The historian himself notes that he would have rather placed Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky on the bill.

Petro Balog, the vice-director of the Kyiv Institute of Religious Sciences, also noted that Vernadsky’s position towards Ukraine was rather “ambiguous” in the Ukrainian sources. At the same time, Russian sources talk about… Vernadsky identifying himself as the “Russian man”.

A writer and a translator Ostap Ukraiinets even characterized the placement of Vernadsky on the 1000 hryvnias bill as a sign of incompetence of all the involved and the resentment of the current state of the Ukrainian science.

Volodymyr Flionts, the founder of the public organization Electronic Democracy sees no reason to panic in the appearance of 1000 hryvnias banknotes, but admits some disappointment: in 2019, we received a new piece of paper instead of trying to use new technologies again.

A writer Marianna Kijanowska reacted to the emergence of the new banknote extremely critically, noting that at the same time the turnover of 500 euros banknotes is canceled in Europe.

A journalist Kateryna Venzhyk humorously criticized those who reproach that allegedly such face values contribute to corruption and the shadow economy. Indeed, why haven’t we overcome corruption without any banknotes bigger than 20 hryvnias?

What else can I offer you? At least a few good jokes from the social network. My favorite, for example, is the Theater on Podil.

Reactions were collected and a bill with Bandera was awaited by Stepan the Goat

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